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Museum of Simulation Technology quietly under development



Latest Gameplay Video


Museum of Simulation Technology (working title)

is a surreal first person puzzler

inspired by forced perspective





Development screenshots

*All screenshots and images are works in progress! ;)




Q: the game still being worked on?

A: Yes! Can't wait to show all the awesome stuff we've been working on.



Q: When will the game be released?

A: At this point, at least 1.5 years away. It's taking a while, but we want it to be interesting to people before we release it.



Q: Is there a demo available?

A: Not at the moment! Sometimes we bring our game to conferences or festivals for playtesting, so we might see you there! 



Q: Why hasn't there been a lot of news about the progress of the game?

A: We haven't been updating a lot because there's a lot of work-in-progress stuff. We should have more things to update after things start to come together more.



Q: I'm an awesome game developer but I have nothing to do! Is it possible to help out with the game?

A: Depending on where we're at, we might need some help with things. However, we might only need a one or two people so we might be a bit picky! Email for info.