Museum of Simulation Technology

...is quietly under development


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Museum of Simulation Technology (working title)

is a first person puzzler under development

and is currently in pre-production



daydream16 - Copy.png

really old tech demo

Development screenshots

*All screenshots and images are works in progress!










Q: Hey...is the game still being worked on?

A: Yes! However, the game currently only has one full-time developer so it's a pretty slow process. We'll announce more as we go on.



Q: When will the game be released?

A: Game release dates are hard to say this early. It will probably be when the game is good! That might take a while though...games like Portal, Unfinished Swan, and Antichamber each took about 4 years.



Q: Is there a demo available?

A: Not at the moment. We made an early tech demo, but we didn't really try to spread it around because it was really bad! (There's probably some copies floating around on the internet so you can just google it if you really really really want) 

Also, sometimes we bring our game to conferences or festivals for playtesting, so we might see you there! 



Q: Why hasn't there been a lot of news about the progress of the game?

A: We didn't want to announce things too soon before we were sure of them. 



Q: I'm a game developer and I want to help you make this crazy game.

A: Cool. I realize not everything about the game has been figured out yet. I'll probably need some help sometime in the future. Please send an email to pillowcastlegames@gmail.com