Q: Sup...is this game still being worked on?

A: Yes! Can't wait to show all the awesome stuff we've been working on.



Q: When will the game be released?

A: At least a year from now! When is now? Whenever you're reading this, obviously! 

It's taking a while, but we want the game to be interesting and surprising - both are really hard things to achieve. 



Q: Is there a demo available?

A: Not at the moment! A while ago there was a tech demo that accidentally got spread around but it's really rough. Sometimes we bring our current build to conferences or festivals for play-testing, so we might see you there! 



Q: Why hasn't there been a lot of news about the progress of the game?

A: There's a few reasons for this. One is that we don't have a lot of people working on the game so we try to save time where ever we can. Another is that there are a few details we might change as development goes on so we don't want to tell people and then retract it later. The third is...we don't want to spoil too many things!



Q: I'm an awesome game developer but I have nothing to do! Is it possible to help out with the game?

A: Maybe! However, we're only looking for one or two people! If you can make amazing 3D art, please email pillowcastlegames@gmail.com for info.